Who We Are

Umeme Sports Club a pioneer in sports since 22/02/1972 was initially formed as a self help youth group but later transformed into a Non –Governmental Organization (NGO) with a membership of over one hundred (100) members worldwide. We emphasize on these four pillars: Sports & Education, Health, Environmental & Socio-Economic activities

What we stand for

Sports for all

To be the leading authority in sustainable sports management

To sensitize the youths on dangers of negative attitude and behavior(s) through sports. 

  • To empower the youth with tools and knowledge through Exchange programs & Sporting activities
  • To organize community awareness on i.e. Environmental, Consequences of drug abuse & use, teenage pregnancy and health related issues.
  • To train and equip the youths in entrepreneurship and Business skills.
  • Sports Consultancy

                                                                                                             VISION 2030

                                                                                                          BEYOND ZIWANI

                                                                                            UMEME SPORTS CLUB – STRATEGIC PLAN

                                                                                                               2018 – 2025

                                                                                        FROM KINYANJUI STREET TO KENYA STREET

                                                                                                    FROM ZIWANI TO UPPER HILL

                                                                                                 “CHANGING THE STANDARDS”

                                                                                                    UMEME SPORTS CLUB 1972





Umeme sports club was established in 1972 in Ziwani, Nairobi. To harness sports for development encourage and promote drug free sports and recreation. Introduction of sports institutions, facilities administration and management of sports in the country.



  1. Reconstitute Umeme sports club board of directors.
  2. To introduce “sustainable sports management” in all the 47 counties.
  3. To have many active players and win all what is at stake in youth levels.
  4. To introduce age-based youth leagues under 10 (U – 10); Under 12 (U – 12); Under 14 (U – 14); Under 16 (U – 16) and Under 18 (U – 18) so that coaches can come up with a national team.

2019 Activities

  • Registration of Umeme Sports Club under the sports Act 2013.
  • Relocate Umeme Sports Club from Ziwani to Upper-Hill, Nairobi.
  • Mobilize stakeholders’ schools, parents and District Authorities.
  • Attract and retain investors’ equity.
  • Host – Chap Dimba, Copa Coca Cola, National Team(s), Premier League & NationWide Matches.

2020 Activities

  • Evaluation of 2019 plans
  • To introduce inter county competitions
  • Start regional schools of excellence
  • Absorbs informal youth sports clubs and assist in organization
  • Host annual youth festival
  • Train more referees, coaches, sports managers etc
  • Host – Chap Dimba, Copa Coca Cola, National Team(s), Premier League & NationWide Matches.

2021 Activities

  • Evaluation of 2020
  • Continue with youth leagues and competitions in the different categories U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16, U-18
  • Consolidate development of instructors/coaches
  • Annual schools of excellence
  • To participate in all youth international competitions.
  • Annual youth festival/championship
  • Inter-county competitions
  • Host – Chap Dimba, Copa Coca Cola, National Team(s), Premier League & NationWide Matches.

2022 Activities

  • Evaluation 2021plan
  • Ensure that there are 47 established county sports authorities promoting and protecting sports activities in the counties
  • Participate in friendly international games.
  • Ensure we have fully fledged youth leagues country-wide
  • Inter-county competitions
  • Annual youth festival/championship.
  • Host – Chap Dimba, Copa Coca Cola, National Team(s), Premier League & NationWide Matches.

2023 Activities

  • Evaluation 2022
  • Final realization of 7 years plan
  • Ensure total compliance of the 2013 Sports Act country-wide
  • Host – Chap Dimba, Copa Coca Cola, National Team(s), Premier League & NationWide Matches.

How to achieve 2024 Activities

  • Liaise with K.S.S.S.A., K.P.S.S.A. and county authorities e.g. governors, county directors of sports, N.G.O.’S, Co-operate partners and parents
  • Organize workshops
  • Promotion campaign
  • Conduct structured courses country-wide for the different age categories.

How to achieve 2025 activities

  • Encourage county governments to establish sports authority boards to manage and market sports in the counties.
  • Absorb informal youth sport to safe guard the health and interest of prospective future national players who participate in those leagues or tournaments ignorant of the dangers posed by part time or volunteer untrained coaches. We have to educate them.



 .- Mobilize & sensitization of stakeholders 

  –  Acquire partners 

  – Equity equation ( Owner’s investment + Income earned + Withdrawals made = Owners Equity
  -Building Brands (Clubs & Athletes). 



Theme: Educate to Elevate

Majority of Youths within Ziwani estate -Starehe Constituency-Nairobi County the home ground of the organization, either do not attend school or drop out prematurely thus end up not only missing the fundamentals of basic education – reading and writing skills, but are also disadvantaged because they lose a valuable opportunity to learn about reproductive Health and Health related issues in a stable and credible environment like the classroom.
Such youths are vulnerable to miss-information from unreliable sources or possibly never learn about the issues at all. While some parents fulfill their roles as educators by openly discussing the Health concerns with their children, others avoid the topic because of embarrassment or lack of knowledge or skills

Education being one of the pillars at USC, this project aims to bring education to the youth’s in conjunction with football training. School based prevention programs have the advantage of a captive audience that can progress through programs and curricular. The school setting provide the opportunity to work with the same group of young people to teach and practice skills with them and address their questions and concerns  over a period of time, Kenya has Twenty(20)thousand primary schools 95% of them have a football field .Six(6) thousand secondary schools 98% of them have football field. This makes the program even more viable because both the community and the organization have the chance of working hand in hand.

Under 14 soccer tournament courtesy of Umeme Sports Club.
[ FILE ] : Umeme players in a meeting


Spiritual health & physical Health, we do the following among others:

  • Youth reproductive health
  • HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns
  • Drugs and substance abuse campaigns (Church & Community)


Umeme Sports Club cares about the environment and thus actively involved in making it better:-

  • Awareness creation
  • Clean up campaigns
  • Tree planting activities




Education being one of the pillars at USC, this organization has brought the education to the youth’s in conjunction with football training. The school setting provide the opportunity to work with the same group of young people to teach and practice skills with them and address their questions and concerns over a period of time. At the same time it gives the young people (Former Team-Leader & Player: David Mulo- President Green-Kenya). 



“Umeme” as we are commonly known believe that an individual should never leave the club in the same state of mind as he/she joined the club hence motto “Changing the Standards”. There are young people talented in different fields i.e Business & sport. These individuals play sports to fund their young businesses (match bonuses) e.g. Emmanuel 0717628885 (Afrifinger Fashion) &  Oscar 0720 348287(second hand clothes)……

Team photo at Umeme Stadium-Ziwani


  • Peace Cup – first runners up
  • SAFARICOM SAKATA –first runners up constitutuency level
  • Mike Arrum Tornament – winners2010
  • Farova tournament Initiative –first runners up 2011
  •                                                  –  Second runners up 2012
  • Koth Biro off season tournament
  • Promoted to the the next division of the FKF league (Provincial league) 2014
  • Won Farova initiative cup 2014
  • Second runners up Super 8 Division one League 2016

Umeme Sports Club has a rich history of having been a pioneer in every aspect of sports in our country (Kenya). We have been able to provide our country with some of the best athletes to have represented Kenya.

Soccer– this being the most popular sport in our country Umeme sports club has always provided the Super league (now Kenya Premier league) with outstanding players who excelled to represent Kenya on the international stage e.g. Hon. Peter Kenneth, Austin Oduor Capt Gor Mahia/Harambee Stars, Aggrey Lukoye, Sammy Owino, Humphrey Mieno,  Aggrey  Ongoli, Charles Handas, Martin Musalia, Mike Origi, Dr. William Obwaka, Stephen Ogos, the list is endless. We have always played the leading role of hosting the biggest off-season tournament “Koth Biro” which has launched careers of some of the best soccer players to have played the game in our country

Scholarships Umeme Sports club for the last forty (46) years has influenced the lives of many young men and women; this has been on/off the sports arena. Umeme Sports Club has always been able to offer scholarships to needy students/outstanding students to further their education. This has been achieved in partnership with the Government (CDF FUND), politicians and well wishers. The kind sponsorships that the students received has enabled these aspiring students to study locally and also allowed them to study abroad recent years Rama Emeka(USA), Mike Arrum, Daniel Oyugah (USA), Moses Otieno. We are currently pursuing sports scholarships (2) in partnership with PARK University (USA).

Umeme village (Dallas. Texas) this is as a result of the kind of influence Umeme Sports Club has had on its grandaunts such Sammy Owino. Mr. Owino currently runs the AYESS soccer academy that sits on Seventy five (75) acres of land. The land was donated by the county of Mckinney Texas.